Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Ginshu - Alpha 14

Update: Alpha 14a has been uploaded, hopefully fixing the raycast issues.

Alpha 14 of Project Ginshu is out. As usual, preorderers find the new downloads on their account page.

This week no video because most changes of this week are bug fixes or not that graphically interesting:

  • There is now a main menu which currently also serves as in-game menu. It is accessible via the Esc key.
  • map_test now allows for free placement of turrets on plateaus. A continuous stream of "direction cubes" is spawned. The cubes hunt the player, but nothing in particular happens when they get you. The turrets target and shoot the cubes. There is no projectile animation yet.
Known bugs:
  • (FIXED in 14a): Both builds have terrible raycast precision errors, which is a problem of the underlying engine because I calculated the ray wrong, making targeting and activating objects incredibly challenging. I haven't noticed the bug until today, because it does not occur with 64-bit builds of Blender; but luckily, I already fixed it.