Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Ginshu - Beige Demo 2

My mind is kinda bent from the onset of what I believe to become a common cold, but I'll spend my last minutes of this day giving you some news. Behold:

The original plan was to get the engine done by this week and continue with regular Project Ginshu releases from next week on. Alas, the powers which moveth heaven and earth hath decided that it shalt not be, and so - should you have preordered Ginshu - you'll be finding a second, upgraded, much improved, almost done preview of Ginshu running in the Python-only Beige engine, right on your account page for download (Linux and Windows, OS X port will arrive a little bit later).

The game is pretty much running, with little to no code changes on the game's side, but what's missing so far is Physics and Audio. The audio part is easy, and embedding Bullet should be too (I have an early set of bindings running), so I'm fairly confident we can continue with our regular release cycle from next week on, and add some of the long planned new features to the game.

Some help about starting it: by default, the game runs in a 640x360 window, unless you pass a few extra command-line parameters (--help for the full list). --fullscreen --width 1920 --height 1080 would set the fullscreen mode at this exact resolution, --msaa 4 will give you 4x anti-aliasing. You can always hard-quit the game with F12 or Alt-F4, should the escape key stop working.

By default, mouse capturing is disabled, but that can be toggled with the TAB key. Once enabled, you'll be able to use the full 360° relative mouse movement controls.

That's it for now, seeing you next week, hopefully with a Ginshu Alpha 26.