Thursday, September 19, 2013

NOWHERE - Let's Make It Happen!

This is the day. The day that our love child NOWHERE goes into official crowdfunding to allow us to work full time on the game that we always wanted to play.

The NOWHERE site has been completely rebooted and now features the concept trailer that we have put everything into within the past week. Until now I was very hesitant to give the big picture away, but as we depend on your support, this is the last ace that I had in my sleeve.

Much love also goes out to the great folks from Humble Store who are shouldering the payment process for us. Buying NOWHERE will now add the alpha to your existing humble account. If you already have an account with us, you'll still receive new Alphas this way, with an option to migrate NOWHERE to your Humble account if you like, and the ability to upgrade your tier.

We hope that you'll love what we're doing and ask you to tell everyone you know about NOWHERE. The internet is a noisy place, so let's be the loudest, if only for half an hour. Our success is your success.