Friday, April 4, 2014

NOWHERE - News From The Business End

Aside from all the hardcore video game making going on, a bunch of super exciting business related events happened during the last few weeks as well. Enough reason to post a summary. Hold on to your seats.

March 4th: Thanks to everyone involved (which most likely includes you), NOWHERE has been greenlit on Steam. That means our greatest hurdle to a Steam release has been overcome. All existing and future buyers of the game will be able to redeem their Steam keys after launch. NOWHERE is scheduled to launch April 15th 2014 (Update: Steam launch and new alpha delayed, new alpha scheduled for June 10th!) in the Early Access category, along with a new alpha build and an accompanying trailer. Until then, you can follow new updates on NOWHERE’s Steam Greenlight page. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us and supported us, you are amazing and the reason we got this far.

March 17th: All founders registered for access to the Founders Lounge at the Nowherian forum can now download all previously released alphas from its Release Archive, thanks to the tireless work of forum administrator Frame. If you are a founder, you are eligible for the Founders Lounge! To add founder status to your forum account, just send us an email to support-at-duangle-dot-com and mention your forum username and purchase email address. If you bought the game via Humble Store please send us a screenshot of the purchase or forward the purchase confirmation mail. I'll process every request as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

March 23th: A few founders asked if it were possible to support the development of NOWHERE on a monthly basis, so we created a Patreon site. You can also pledge smaller amounts monthly to get a copy of Nowhere. Patrons pledging at least $21 will be listed in the Patreon section in the game's credits (ranked by contribution).

  March 24th: Nowhere has been launched on the official Humble Store. Please note that due to technical reasons these sales go into another bucket; the full list of reward tiers can only be purchased on our site.

  March 30th: 1.000 founders (currently 1.042) have bought and supported NOWHERE. THAT IS SERIOUSLY TOTALLY NUTS YOU GUYS.

March 31th: We visited Rezzed this weekend, listened to great dev talks and met a bunch of great people. Although videogamesing is awesome, It’s good to leave the cave and do something different from time to time. Birmingham was lovely. What in the world beats vintage cheddar? Nothing. Not even our game.

April 1st: We’re thrilled to report that Duangle got acquired by Mountain Dew for a round $2 billion sum and is renamed to Dewangle. All Nowherian bodies will be branded with appropriate new corporate identity. An exciting synergy only for people who have no idea what’s been going on lately!

April 2nd: Duncan Harris, curator and creator of the lovely website Dead End Thrills published a long interview with Leonard and me in his Rock Paper Shotgun column. Check it out!

  April 11th, 2014: The distant future. Nowhere will be playable at PAX, at the “Joyful Bewilderment” installation organized by starting April 11th between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. in Boston, MA, USA. We’re not sure yet, but either Alpha 75 or Alpha 91 will be shown.