Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Ginshu - Alpha 16

Alpha 16 of Project Ginshu is out. As usual, preorderers find the new downloads on their account page.


Rocket boots (formerly gravity boots) now activate with space bar and allow you to jump as high as you like.
  • When leaving the planet's atmosphere, your character switches to jet-pack controls. R and F go up/down.
  • Left-click now always uses the currently selected item. Right-click takes items and adds them to the inventory when possible.
  • The game can now be won / lost. The top level mission is to take the empty battery from the base, recharge it at the power crater, then bring it back to the base and plug it in. Should the base or the battery be destroyed, the game is lost.
  • New type of uniplate with built-in mass attractor: simulates gravity when in close proximity. Allows you to build floors oriented towards any direction.
  • Connected construction elements can only be deconstructed last-to-first. You can not take out elements in the middle.
  • About 15 new sound effects.
Known Bugs:
  • Construction cursor flickers for one frame when switching between inventory elements.
  • Sometimes unable to attach new element because of false positives reported by the construction obstacle detector function.
  • Gravity switch glitches.
  • Severe frame drops and collision glitches when moving away too far from the planet during a meteor attack.
  • Blender Engine related: When the framerate drops below 30 frames, the game may not register key/button presses unless you hold the key/button for a longer time. This bug has been added to Blender's bug tracker.