Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Ginshu - Alpha 17

Alpha 17 of Project Ginshu is now available. As usual, preorderers find the new downloads on their account page.


  • Q and E control the roll angle while free-floating.
  • Persistence! Ginshu auto-saves when exiting or pressing F5, and auto-loads when continuing the game.
  • New menu system and screens: new/continue game, options, update.
  • All buildables have been shrunk for easier handling and redesigned for a nicer look.
  • New Axistris buildable that allows you to build hexagonal structures.
  • Changes in the color scheme for space and atmosphere.
  • A little yellow dwarf planet without atmosphere to build right in zero gravity.
Known Bugs:
  • The monster is gone for now and will return in a more appropriate form later.
  • The new DOF filter mismatches the focus point.
  • Blender Engine related: When the framerate drops below 30 frames, the game may not register key/button presses unless you hold the key/button for a longer time. This bug has been added to Blender's bug tracker.
  • When starting the Windows build, the system may complain about improper use of a C library, although the game will still run.