Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Ginshu - Alpha 18 - Critters

Alpha 18 of Project Ginshu is now available for players who have preordered the game. If you're already running Alpha 17, you can update the game from the menu, otherwise you'll have to download the installer first, which does the initial updating for you.


- Initial support for Mac OS X: Last week, our Mac Mini arrived, and I spent some time getting the game to run. If you're running a Mac on Intel HD Graphics 3000, expect sub-par performance. Turning off all effects helps a little for now.
- First Animals: There are now little crawling critters which break down everything in their path and destroy your base immediately when touching it.
- First Defenses: To give you an advantage, you'll start off with 99 turrets in your inventory. It's not going to stay that way forever, so enjoy it while it lasts ;-)
- Atmospheric effects
- New sky
- Other stuff

Known Bugs:

- You can't copy/paste your account ID. The next Blender release will offer a clipboard API, and then, hopefully, this will be possible. For now, you'll have to type it off. You know, like in the good bad old times.
- Mac OS X: Mouse input is kinda jerky and the sensitivity needs to be fixed.
- Mac OS X: If using a trackpad, the scroll action is too jerky to be useful.
- Mac OS X: On Intel HD Graphics 3000, the fog shader looks ugly.
- Blender Engine related: When the framerate drops below 30 frames, the game may not register key/button presses unless you hold the key/button for a longer time. This bug has been added to Blender's bug tracker.
- Windows: When starting the game, the system will display an error warning about improper use of a C library, but the game will still run without problems.
- Linux: The linux build is for 32-bit systems. Some 64-bit platforms do not provide 32-bit support libraries out of the box. 64-bit Ubuntu e.g. requires the ia32-libs package to be installed (it's in the Ubuntu repository).